Planning Your Website

Websites – Every business needs a website and yes, most have them. Unfortunately many of them need to be updated, corrected or simply rewritten to meet a company’s current requirements. I visited a couple sites today that really needed help. One hadn’t been updated since 2009 – I don’t think that coupon is still good. Another had broken links throughout.

What happened? Did the company hire a designer who did an incomplete job? Was the site simply too difficult to maintain? Or did the sales guy who worked on the site move on and take the password with him?

Still, it doesn’t look good for one of the main faces of a company to be in disarray. Most prospective customers research a company and read their website before ever calling. What message does your website deliver about your company?
Yes! We can do it! We’re capable and up-to-date! Or is that message something more sad?

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